The Joy of Marriage

The Joy of Marriage

John noticed a happy couple laughing out-loud while they were strolling on the beach. It struck him deep as he pondered how long it had been since he and Becky laughed out-loud together. They had a good marriage but it lacked the spark it once had.

John was so compelled by this couple, he walked up to them and asked about their secret to a happy marriage. Their response shocked him.

In short, they replied “To listen, to communicate, to compromise and to follow Christ”.

“THAT’S YOUR SECRET?” He thought to himself as he walked away confused and shaking his head. Later that night he replayed those words over and over until it became clear to him. He and Becky were not good at any of those items. For six months John decided to commit to all four items without telling Becky. Every night he would come home and try to ‘listen’ to her wants and wishes. He decided not to dis-engage when frustrated. He committed to ‘communicate’ when it wasn’t easy.

When they disagreed on decisions and ideas, he committed to be better at ‘compromising’ with her and not being so stubborn or resentful. He also initiated on Sunday mornings to get all the kids out of bed and to have a nice breakfast then go to church. He started reading bible verses to the kids before tucking them in at night.

Months later, on a date with Becky, they were talking about an incident with one of the children that night. Becky broke into laughter as she slipped her hand into his. They went for a walk afterwards and simply strolled as the moon reflected off the waters. John stopped in his tracks as he felt the ‘JOY’ of marriage rush over him like a warm breeze. Becky snuggled up to him and asked why he had such a grin on his face. “Oh, nothing”, he replied as he remembered running into that couple on the beach months earlier.

How about you?

Try to focus on these four areas for a few months and see what God can do.

Do your part, your spouse just may follow your lead!
Be different.









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