Judy was wondering why her husband had become so quiet. After ’rounding the bases’ with him using our small group class she found out the answer to her question. “Honey, I have felt really down lately. When I come home after feeling the stress of my job, you often greet me at the door with a long list of things I need to do or haven’t done. I am feeling like I’m on an island all alone and there is no relief in sight.”

Judy realized her husband was in a funk and it was partially due to her. She decided to greet him with a hug and tell him how proud of him she was. She tried to pick authentic things so it wasn’t so generic or fake. “Honey, thanks for doing the dishes last night.” or “I am really proud of how hard you have worked at your job. It means a lot to me that you are so faithful to your career.”

Over time, she saw a huge change in his attitude. She was still able to deliver her concerns but she changed the timing and the delivery method.

Encouragement often is the key motivator. Being respectful towards your husband also motivates him.

Four words, “I’m proud of you.”

* Say it often
* Be specific
* Be authentic

See how he responds.

Be different.
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