Become a Crisis Marriage Mentor

Do you want to make a difference in the life of a couple? God can use you to save a marriage and keep their family together. Through your efforts, a couple can go from the bottom of a dark valley to the top of a mountain in just ten weeks.


We have trained thousands of couples all over the world how to get into the life of a broken marriage and bring them to a place of hope and healing. If you are a strong Christian and have a strong marriage, you qualify. The training only takes 7 hours. Maybe you haven’t found your purpose yet regarding the kingdom of God and his calling on your life? Maybe helping marriages is it however until now, you haven’t seen any training program designed for lay couples?

Join our army, get trained and then run to the front line of battle where it’s fierce. Satan is having his way with couples all around you. Our world and culture is navigating closer to the edge of immoral implosion each day and the family unit is under more attack than ever before. The solution isn’t more secular therapy, more medication, more college education, the solution has a name and it’s Jesus. You would be fully trained how to mediate, teach the word of God and confront the core heart of people in a way that’s effective, loving and kind.

Let me know if you want to chat. I am only one click away. You can start as a couple or create a team in your church.

To setup a meeting to learn how to begin, click here!

Matt Loehr

President of Dare to be Different

Director of Marriage Mentoring at Love and Respect


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