Mending a Broken Heart Episode 3 of 3

Over the last few weeks, I have been discussing the topic of mending a broken heart. The Bible gives us a roadmap to healing from many different types of brokenness. The first step is to humble yourself. When we humble ourselves, we are free to truly worship the Lord. It is then that we give full control over to Him and we trust that He is in control, regardless of the pain. The second step is to seek HIM through reading the Bible, meeting with other believers, and fasting.


TODAY: Let’s look at the third, and probably most difficult step; to turn from our sinful ways.

What reaction do you have when you are hurt?
Do you retreat from the offender or attack the offender?
Do you criticize them or gossip about them?

Do you stonewall the offender and/or withhold affection or communication? Or are you the type to guard your heart once you’ve been hurt? Regardless of your technique, it is important that you identify your sin nature and turn from it. Stop responding to pain with sin.
We all get our hearts broken by someone or something in life.

The key to spiritual growth is humility, seeking Gods face, turning from our sin nature and then enjoying the great embrace of HIS healing.  Give it a try, won’t you…..and Dare to be different.

Humble people hug porcupines (angry people).
Humble people respect the unloving.
Humble people love the disrespectful.
Humble people see beyond the wound.
Humble people stay out of God’s way when dealing with others’ sin.

Join my quest to be humble. It just may mend your own broken heart.

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We pray blessings on you and your family.
Matt and Pam

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