My Baby Can Sleep

While there are many things that cause strain and conflict in marriage, often times one of the biggest offenders goes unnoticed. The Bible is certainly clear that children are a blessing from the Lord. That fact is undeniable. However, the constant strain a young infant can have on his parents from the day in and day out night wakes and feedings, hours of rocking and soothing and holding can drive a wedge between a husband and wife, emotionally and physically.

Just like being a marriage counselor is a thing, a baby sleep consultant is also a thing. Little did I know that Brad and Greta Zude of, are not only number one best selling baby sleep authors, but they also live in my hometown. I’ve had the chance to meet with Brad multiples times and hear the tales of thousands of families who’s lives and marriages were in pieces due to the lack of sleep of their infants. This reinforced to me just how big of a deal this is and what a major cause of friction in marriage a child can become.

A lack of sleep does many things to the body. It not only aides in the dramatic decline of health, but it also contributes to emotional and hormonal instabilities. When we are tired, we have less ability to control our emotions in our marriages, leading to more arguing, less self-control, and less energy to lovingly put our spouses before ourselves.

I am convinced that teaching babies healthy sleep habits is a step in healing broken marriages. If you are struggling, Brad and Greta have agreed to give away copies of their book for a small shipping and handling fee. Use this link to get your copy

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