What happens when you pray over your husband


When a wife prays over her husband there are three amazing outcomes.

1st John 5:15

15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

God answers your prayers, lift your husband up to the Lord.

It’s ok to pray WITH him but I want to encourage you to pray OVER him.

If you were to quiz any married man and asked him to rate how he feels when his wife prays ‘over’ him, he would say “It is a 10 out of 10 or even higher.” Why?

Why would a man feel so touched by the notion?


First, let me explain how to pray over your man.
Wrap your arms around him and genuinely pray this prayer.

“Lord Jesus, I lift my husband up to you today. Whatever is on his heart, I lift that up to you. Whatever his prayers are please answer them. Whatever is keeping him awake at night, I pray for you Lord to remove his anxieties. I pray that you pour out your blessings on him today Lord for his faithfulness, his strength and his love for you.” Amen.

The fact that you called a ‘time out’ in your life and lifted his heart up to the Lord creates amazing intimacy.

The fact that you put your arms around him and he heard your petition it creates intimacy.

Praying over him can have a tremendous impact. It is a true step of spiritual ‘love’ that creates intimacy.


All marriages have trouble.
I have seen a woman pray over her husband one morning, the day after they had a big fight. She prayed the prayer above, that God would minister to HIS heart and comfort and bless HIM. Even though her heart was troubled by his anger, her prayer over him soften HER OWN heart. Her act of respect helped her own heart heal.

He was amazed. He remembered his mean-spirited words and his angry treatment towards her.
He was amazed that she would still wrap her arms around him and lift him up to the Lord.

He was pushed to tears and ask for forgiveness.

Praying over your husband deeply impacts both parties.


When a woman prays over her husband, he is compelled to love her even more. Regardless if she has setbacks and relapses. Regardless if she acts in a disrespectful way and doesn’t always EARN his love, her daily prayer to lift up his heart to the Lord helps him love her when it’s hard.

Wives, simply try this. Be authentic. Be genuine. Do it for a month. Journal the changes.

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Pam and I pray blessings on you and your family.

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