So, I’m Divorced: Now What? Episode 3

Episode Three
I have spent the last few weeks talking about life after divorce. One key component to keeping your life on track after a divorce is to continue disciplining your children. The second key component is to allow yourself time to heal before rushing into another marriage. If you haven’t read episodes one and two please do so.
Today I will talk about the third key to keeping your life on track after divorce:

It can be so easy to dwell on the death of your marriage and all of the pain that led up to that divorce. This will only make you unhappier leading to a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, and withdrawal. Instead, I implore you to refocus all the negative energy into relentlessly pursuing a deeper relationship with God.
John did everything he could to save his marriage. During the separation, the pain of his broken marriage drove him to his knees so he turned to God. He started his journey with a passion and jumped in with both feet. John joined a bible study with four men, attended church every weekend and met with a buddy from the church often to discuss how he could save his marriage.
Unfortunately, his wife wasn’t impressed at all with his newfound passion for Jesus. She didn’t trust him. He pleaded and begged with her. He asked for forgiveness and told her his passion for Jesus was real and not fake at all. John started to take his kids to church. She was furious. “Why couldn’t John have been like this before we got separated?” she thought. I encouraged John to just keep his eyes on the Lord and continue to do the right thing.
She continued with the divorce and ended the marriage. Now, two years later, John is more passionate for Jesus than ever. He is full of regrets but can’t turn back the clock. He wants to finish his life strong and be an example for his kids. He has found a new identity in Christ and had discovered a new ‘life after divorce’. God has blessed him because of his faithfulness.
So, how do you start?
Begin each day in prayer and read one psalm and one proverb. These two books provide much wisdom and inspiration. Starting each day with these words of praise and worship will help you focus your thoughts and energy in a positive way throughout each day.
Find a support group in your church like John, take it one week at a time. Let Jesus rebuild your heart and your life.
Although it is important to allow yourself to grieve, don’t allow your hurt to turn into hate. Pursuing God with unyielding faith gives you the opportunity to pray for healing and strength. God will hear your prayers and you will be free to forgive your former spouse as well as yourself.
2 Timothy 4:5 But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.
Pam & I pray blessings on you and your family.
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